Heardle Game

Heardle - Daily Musical Game


Heardle is a musical guessing game based on Wordle. Heardle is a variant of Wordle, born as a tribute to the original, but unique enough to be an exciting alternative for the large community of music lovers. Hurdle is a guess the song game modeled after the viral wordle game. To be honest, Hurdle could be considered a standalone game in its own right if it weren't for a faint shadow of resemblance that reminds of its true origins. True to Wordle, Hurdle is also a daily guessing game that challenges players to guess the song of the day, which opens in normalized bursts over 6 tries.

That Hurdle creators call it respectful homage to Wordle, with a musical twist. It really tests your spontaneity to see if you have the ear to recognize the soundtrack with the fewest cues and in the shortest amount of time.

To play Heardle, you need more than luck, but prove yourself as a music enthusiast with an extensive and eclectic personal library of popular music. If you also manage to read the well-hidden clues in the game, then there is an almost certain chance of winning every time to create a streak. Just like in Wordle, you have six guesses to pick up the right song (thanks, TechRadar). Your first pair of guesses will only show you one second of the song, but will gradually give you an additional two, three, four, and five seconds. I was able to record today's song in just the first second, helped by the fact that it's only taken from the most popular songs of the last decade.