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How to use Audio Recorder


Choose one of the recording formats - MP3, OGG, WAW


Click on the record button to start recording sound or voice


Remember to allow the browser access to your microphone

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Audio Recorder

At any time, there may be a need to record audio from a microphone in the absence of the necessary software. For such purposes, you can use online services. The free Online Microphone application is designed to record sound from your computer online. The finished recording can be listened to and downloaded in mp3 format. The application does not require registration and is available directly in the browser. Simply put, it is a simple and convenient online voice recorder. Online audio recording is the process of recording streaming audio to your hard drive in real time. You can always record your favorite Internet radio show and listen to it at any time convenient for you. You also have the opportunity to listen to the recording on the player or any other mobile device. Online sound recording is carried out using a special application, which is essentially a browser-based sound recording program. You can capture audio using any audio device. The application can be used free of charge and without registration. At the very beginning, the online microphone will ask for access to your audio device. Confirm your consent by clicking on the Allow button. Then make sure that there is a signal from the device.