Voice Changer

Change voice online, simply fast and free

How to Change Voice


Upload, dictate or record a voice message, in which you need to change the key and timbre of the voice


Edit your record in the editor. You can open editor in fullscreen mode for your convenience.


After editing and applying effects you can easily download the updated anhd changed voice record to your device.

Audio Tools

You can use one of our many sound editing tools


Voice Changer

There are many cases where people want to change their voices, ranging from a friendly joke, prank, to the desire to remain incognito. Now, unfortunately, there are very few applications that can qualitatively change the voice. You can change your voice to robotic, demonic, male, female, child, and so on, and then use such a voice in network communication (for example, via Skype). At the same time, there are still several services on the network that allow you to change the voice online, and even record audio with such a voice as an mp3 file. A collection of ready-made Voices and Backgrounds will help you quickly simulate different situations. It is also possible to add echoes and take advantage of other features. The application works with absolutely all programs in which you can use a microphone: games, voice messengers, and so on.