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Spectral Analysis (FFT)

Traditionally, in digital audio recording, an audio track is represented in the form of an oscillogram that displays a waveform, that is, the dependence of the amplitude of a sound on time. This representation is quite visual for an experienced sound engineer: the oscillogram allows you to see the main events in the sound, such as changes in volume, pauses between parts of a piece, and often even individual notes in a solo recording of an instrument. But the simultaneous sound of several instruments on the oscillogram mixes and visual analysis of the signal becomes difficult. However, our ear can easily distinguish between individual instruments in a small ensemble. One of the surest ways to determine the real bitrate of an audio file is spectral (frequency) analysis. The option by ear will not be considered in this article. I must say right away that this method (like any other) is unlikely to give you the exact bitrate of the file, but getting a rough idea or a very approximate value of the complexity will not be difficult.