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Chorus (chorus) from the English. chorus. This is an effect that, by adding slightly modified copies to the original signal, creates an imitation of polyphonic performance, like a choral sound. When you hear a group of people singing in a choir, you may notice that each of them, no matter how hard they try, will not be able to reproduce their part completely in sync with the others. There is always even the slightest difference in the pronunciation of individual phrases and intonations, small but differences in time, even when the same words are sung with the same melody. As a result, we hear a voluminous, one might say lush vocal sound, which was achieved thanks to variations of different voices. The chorus effect occurs when individual sounds with approximately the same timbre and almost (with a slight difference) the same pitch (pitch) are mixed and perceived as a whole. Similar sounds emanating from different sources can occur naturally (as in the case of a choir or string orchestra), but this effect can also be modeled using electronic effects unit or other processing devices. Chorus is used to warm and expand the sound. Although the device was designed to create polyphonic performance, it cannot fully simulate the real sound of a choir.