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MP3 Converter MP3 (MPEG-1 Audio Layer III)

Popular compression and lossy format with small file size and far from the highest sound quality. The emergence of the MP3 format was made possible by the joint efforts of a development team of almost 40 people who have been working on the project for several years. Compared to lossy files, MP3 songs take up much less disk space thanks to a special algorithm. Other advantages of MP3 include excellent compatibility with various programs and audio devices. Despite the fact that, due to the age of MP3, today it does not shine with compression efficiency, its popularity remains very high due to its versatility - the extension is supported on any operating system, a lot of both standard and specialized multimedia software plays this file format. MP3 files can be created with high or low bit rate, which affects the quality of the resulting file. The principle of compression is to reduce the accuracy of some parts of the sound stream, which is almost indistinguishable to most people's ears.

Text Text

TXT file is a standard Windows text document. The file contains only text, formatting, pictures and fonts are not saved in txt. This format can be considered one of the most universal - hundreds of applications for various devices recognize it. The TXT extension is traditionally used for simple text files. The file is typically used to record notes, directions, and other similar documents that do not need to be displayed in a particular way. Text files are also often used for various text logs and reports generated by programs. TXT text document can support editing not only on PCs with different OS (Windows, Mac, Linux), but also on iPhone and iPad mobile devices, in Android system. The txt format refers to documents of a text type, the content of which is plain text, respectively, these files can be opened with almost all text editors, for example, such as Notepad.