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How to Reverb Audio

Upload audio

Upload the audio file, which you need to reverb and wait for the download to complete.

Apply filter

Edit your audio in the editor. You can open editor in fullscreen mode.

Download file

After editing you can easily download your updated audio file to your device.

Audio Effects

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Reverb is the process of gradually decreasing the intensity of a sound as it reflects repeatedly. Reverb is sometimes referred to as an imitation of this effect. A reverberation effect is created when sound waves are reflected from any surfaces and gradually decay in space. We all face this even in everyday life, when we are in an empty hall or in a large room. In fact, reverberation accompanies almost every sound event, but we are so used to it that we do not pay attention. Sometimes, unknowingly, it is easy to confuse it with an ordinary echo. Reverb results in a richer, boomy surround sound, usually more palatable than the original dry sound. In audio recording, reverb gives a sense of depth to the space. Sound sources with more pronounced reverberation are subjectively felt to be farther from the listener.