Cheсk the tempo of audio files online, simply, fast and free






How to use Metronome


Tune the metronome - select tempo, tempo emphasis, metronome sound


Start the metronome by pressing the start button. To stop - press the stop button


You can also start the metronome by pressing the spacebar 4 times at the desired speed

Audio Tools

You can use one of our many sound editing tools


This simple yet effective online metronome is perfect for all your musical needs. You can use the online metronome for guitar or drums, and indeed for any instrument. An online metronome is a small instrument used to practice music, specifically to develop a sense of rhythm. During operation, the metronome emits evenly alternating sounds, indicating the beats of a musical piece. Typically, the tempo in a metronome can vary over a wide range. The first metronomes were mechanical devices. Recently, electronic metronomes have appeared as well as online metronomes. The sound of a metronome is often referred to as a click or beat at regular intervals. Tempo is measured in beats per minute (BPM). Guitarists, pianists, drummers use the metronome to indicate tempo and count. This is a quick development of a clearer and more constant rhythm, an even sound, an opportunity to improve playing technique and a sense of tempo. All tempos are supported in the range from 10 to 210 beats per minute. This is the best and most accurate metronome on the web. You can use the metronome not only if you are a musician, but also for: learning dance moves, doing morning exercises, practicing quick reading, reading a number of paragraphs in one beat, concentration during meditation, and so on.