Noise Reduction

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How to Reduce Audio Noise

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Process it

Edit your audio in the editor. You can open editor in fullscreen mode.

Download file

After editing you can easily download your updated audio file to your device.

Audio Editors

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Noise Reduction

Not always a musical composition or any recording is obtained clean, without the presence of extraneous noise. When there is no possibility of overwriting, you can remove these noises with the help of available tools. There is nothing difficult in removing noise, especially if they are not very pronounced or are found only in small sections of the recording. Usually, noises are heard most clearly during pauses. These noises can be easily removed or heavily muted with the Noise Gate plugin. Noise that is clearly audible during playback of a recording has its own frequency response. Usually high frequency. To mute it, you need to experiment with the equalizer. But this must be done carefully so as not to spoil the sound of the instruments playing in this audio recording.