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How to use Audio to Video Converter


Upload or insert the url of the audio file, sound, voice which you want to turn into video.


Choose the settings, upload background image, apply the special video effects and make the video.


After creating the video you can easily download it to your device or share the link.

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Audio to Video

If you have an audio file that you created yourself and want to share with your friends, then the easiest way to do this is to post this audio on YouTube. It can be not only a song or composition created by you, but also an ordinary poem or text. Such an audio file can also be a fragment of an old meeting, once recorded on an audio tape or reel, and then digitized. There are many options, and the solution to the problem comes down to one thing - to turn audio into video. How to do it - there are many ways and programs. This article will show you how to make a video from an audio file and one or more images. They can be either photographs related or not related to the subject of the audio file, or simply images (pictures). In other words, a primitive slideshow will be created, which will act as a video file.