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How to use BPM Counter


Choose the setting that's right for you and get ready


Turn on any track and press the space bar to the rhythm of the music


This is how you know the tempo of your song.

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BPM Counter

BPM Counter is a useful program that gives sound engineers, DJs and music lovers information about the tempo of each track. Tempo or speed in music is measured in beats per minute. It is considered to be a quarter note or a quarter of a bar under a beat. Our simple program allows you to quickly determine the pace. It is a counter that determines the number of beats per minute. Counts Beats per Minute - the number of measures for the song by tapping the key or mouse button in the rhythm of the melody being played. Also counts the number of mouse clicks and keystrokes. Free online metronome. Tempo, time signature, many rhythmic patterns. Mouse, keyboard, touch control.